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sample photos from iAmuse green screen photo booth mobile app

2 iPads + green surface = photobooth

What is it?

Install the iAmuse app on 2 Apple devices to create a professional-grade green screen photo booth.

Using a simple green bedsheet, iAmuse superimposes people creatively onto any background, resizing them or even putting them "behind" things!

After pictures complete, Guests input email address and get the pictures by email instantly.

Why should I care?

Super fun for Guests, unlimited creative possibilities!

Easy & inexpensive to put together

Creates brand awareness & social buzz

How does it work?

Create & setup your Event online

Upload custom branding & backgrounds

Event syncs to your devices, ready to go!


Simple setup with professional results, iAmuse makes green screen accessible to anyone with 2 Apple devices!

Event Companies

Engage Customers with shareable pictures watermarked with your branding.

Entertainment Venues

Create year round engagement with remotely managed, always fresh content.

Charities & Not-for-profit

Low-cost, brandable and highly engaging for fundraising! Collect email addresses to keep in touch with donors.

Highly interactive & engaging!

With low requirements and simple setup, iAmuse quickly lets you roll out a highly engaging photo booth in minutes.